Kim Kardashian Wants Her Own Sitcom: What Should It Be About?

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Kim Kardashian has decided that being on sort-of scripted shows isn’t enough for her—she’s reportedly working on her own sitcom.

Kim has slowly been trying to convince everyone that she’s a real actress by making appearances on TV series Last Man Standing and Drop Dead Diva, and she even landed a part in Tyler Perry’s movie The Marriage Counselor. So now that she’s built up her acting resume, which also includes a part in Disaster Movie, she’s set to make what could be a disastrous move by developing her own sitcom.

According to The Daily Beast, Ryan Seacrest might produce the Kim Kardashian comedy, but it’s not a done deal just yet. So what would Kim’s new show be about, and would it be a success?

Here’s an idea for the series: It could be about a reality show star who decides to become the mayor of a small town. Kim’s new show is supposed to be a comedy, and the thought of her getting into politics is pretty hilarious. She actually seems pretty serious about running for mayor of Glendale, California, so maybe it would be a good idea for her to “practice” by playing a politician on TV—it might not be anything like the real deal, but maybe it would give her some idea of just how difficult being mayor can be (she could even hire Sarah Palin has a consultant).

Political comedies starring women to seem to be rather popular these days—Amy Poehler has Parks and Recreation, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus has Veep. So maybe getting political on TV would be a good move for Kim.

However, Kim Kardashian’s fans love her current shows because they enjoy watching her live in her glamorous world full of photo shoots, fashion, and exotic trips. Her family is also a major part of her appeal—Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are the comic relief, while Kim always plays the straight man. But of course she could always replace those jokesters with a comedic supporting cast that would probably outshine her.

So what do you think—would her sitcom be a big success or a major failure?

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