Kim Kardashian Wedding a Joke to Mitt Romney and the Rest of the Nation

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Kim Kardashian is the “butt” of many jokes it seems, and her 72-day long marriage to Kris Humphries has really helped in making this woman more of a joke. Even aging politicians like Mitt Romney has jumped on the Kimmie-bashing bandwagon and compared her famous wedding vows to President Obama’s promises.

Sure, Mitt Romney (or his speech writers) is pretty damn funny, but who hasn’t already taken a swing at Kim Kardashian and her…? Here’s the punchline, though:

Mitt Romney flip flops on issues more than Kimmie Kardashian flip flops on commitments. Mitt Romney goes back and forth between opinions more than Kim goes between basketball players and hip-hop artists. Should this keep going?

President Barack Obama broke a promise when he signed a really messed up bill into law for the New Year. However, the Kim Kardashian jokes are silly and can be applied to pretty much every angle of Mitt Romney’s life.

Think about that for a while next time you think of making a trendy joke.

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