Kim Kardashian Wedding and Honeymoon: Will it Lead to New Kim K Sex Tape?

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The Kim Kardashian wedding to Kris Humphries has now been officially filmed so it’s in the reality TV archives, ready for airing on TV. However, next step for this couple is the honeymoon phase of things. One site is questioning if a new sex tape will be released in the process.

The site in fact pleads for a new Kim Kardashian sex tape video. It notes that there are already two “Kim K Superstar” tapes available from Vivid Entertainment, so it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe a third could happen. Paparazzi have been swarming this couple since they tied the knot, and with the way celeb nude pics and videos get leaked it’s always a possibility. That means Kim and Kris should be on full alert, making sure to have extreme privacy at all times when on that honeymoon, whenever and wherever it may be.

Of course there’s the old argument that celebrities leak their own pics and videos to get publicity. Some believe that’s the case with Kim K and Ray J’s performance, which many argue helped Kim achieve more fame and exposure to the public, so to speak. If Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries leaked a honeymoon sex tape themselves, that would be rather shameful though. Marriage is a sacred union for many people, and profiting off their romps post-wedding day would be rather disturbing. Besides, neither of these two really need the money or “exposure” at this point. Kris Humphries’ value is on the rise with the NBA when it resumes, and Kim Kardashian’s business prowess as well as her family money gives her plenty.

So don’t count on a new Kim Kardashian sex tape. Fans of Kim K will have to settle for her two Vivid tapes, unless a serious leaked honeymoon video occurs, in which case it would be likely Kim and Kris (Humphries or Jenner) would fight it to the fullest extent.

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