Kim Kardashian Wedding Being Fake Tops Beyonce, Justin Bieber in 2011

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The question as to whether the Kim Kardashian wedding was fake has topped the list of questions asked by internet users in 2011. Apparently, the economy and Justin Bieber pale in comparison to the Kardashians and their antics this year. has revealed its list of most popular topics for 2011 and the question “Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?” came out at number 1. Coming in right under Kim, is the probably the second most talked about story of 2011: Justin Bieber’s fatherhood.

After that you have “Are Lady Gaga’s face implants real?” and “Is Beyoncé faking her pregnancy?”

It seems as though celebrities have taken center stage this year, with more people wondering about Kim Kardashian’s wedding than anything else going on.

However, many people do want to know if the world will end in 2012, so maybe there are people out there who are worried about things other than Kim Kardashian and whether or not she lied to have a big, fake wedding.

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