Kim Kardashian Wedding Fake? Will Divorce Ruin Brand?

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If Kim Kardashian’s wedding was fake, and her divorce is just another publicity stunt, will it ruin the brand that her family worked so hard to build? The obsession over this whole ordeal is truly amazing. People want to know what is going on with Kim and what the family is up to each and every day. The new developments create exploding views on the internet, and it does seem that whether or not the wedding was real or fake, the Kardashian brand will not take a hit.

“Analysts agree it’s too soFile:Kim Kardashian 2, 2011.jpgon to tell whether the controversy will have any lasting effect on the Kardashian business. But some suggest that because the family’s brand feeds on drama, it’s likely to absorb the shock,” reports the LA Times. Evidently any kind of publicity is good for the Kardashians.

Sure there are plenty of people out there who are disgusted with Kim Kardashian, but there are millions who don’t care about her wedding and divorce. They want more Kardashians and by golly, they are going to get it.

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