Kim Kardashian Wedding: Kourtney Stumbled Carrying Mason Down the Aisle

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Kim Kardshian’s wedding is over, and reportedly, the entire ceremony was charming. One of those charms, her nephew Mason, nearly caused a major mishap. Her sister and maid of honor Kourtney stumbled while carrying the ring bearer down the aisle.

Kim Kardashian Wedding: Kourtney Stumbled Carrying Mason Down the AisleAs many young ring bearers do, Mason did not want to go down the aisle, so his mom helped him carry the “K” embossed pillow. Of course, as she started, Kourtney tripped a bit, and the entire crowd gasped at what could have been a hugely embarrassing moment for the maid of honor. Thankfully, nothing happened, and little Mason continued down the aisle with the pillow all by himself. After getting to the wedding party, he went to sit with his dad, Scott Disick.

With children in a wedding party, you never can tell what will happen, and that is part of their adorable charm. Kim Kardashian is a proud aunt, and even though Mason began crying during the closing prayer at the ceremony, there is little doubt that she would not change a thing about including the little man in her special day.

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