Kim Kardashian wedding photos coming soon?

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Kim Kardashian is officially married to Kris Humphries, but the couple have done a great job at keeping the paparazzi at bay. Everyone is waiting for the first pictures from their big day, but so far, there hasn’t even been a glimpse of the bride and groom.
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Although PEOPLE magazine scored the ultimate ticket with exclusive rights to debut the wedding photos, The Daily Mail has posted some shots of the grounds and some celebrity guest who arrived in Montecito. While these photos aren’t exactly what fans were hoping for, they are all people have at this point.

Kim Kardashian took several precautions in order to keep this wedding under wraps. It was rumored that guests (no matter who they were) were not allowed on the premises with cameras or even cell phones! This is serious business!

People are excited to see the dress, the cake, and the Kardashian clan dressed to the nines. Expect PEOPLE to publish something (read anything) this weekend.

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