Kim Kardashian – What Happens Now?

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Yesterday they filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage. Today, Kim Kardashian is facing a huge media presence, and working out the finer details of their divorce.

Many have claimed that the wedding was a sham, planned to promote her reality TV programme, and make money. It certainly did that – it was the hottest celebrity wedding this year, and its reported that it earned the couple £250k for each day of their marriage.

They received a huge amount of gifts, and even free services, for their wedding – many companies will have thought the publicity from the 2-part E! programme and the star’s popularity would have meant supplying goods for free would be excellent publicity. Now, it seems it might be a mistake.

Some etiquette experts, including Lizzie Post, author of Emily Post Etiquette, claims that Kim should give back any presents which are returnable. Anything monogrammed or used can’t be returned, but all other gifts should be returned to the sender – Lizzie suggests enclosing a thank you note with them.

Many have also speculated on Kim’s wedding ring – its common practise that this is given back to the groom after short weddings, but Kim has requested the jewellery remain her sole property in her filing yesterday. Her $2 million engagement ring certainly is pretty – but she hasn’t been seen wearing it since filing yesterday morning.

The divorce is set to be very easy, as a prenuptial agreement was in place and due to the short length of the marriage, it is unlikely either party will claim to be entitled to more. However, it is unknown if some things – such as the money from wedding rights – was included in this document, so this may need to be split up by the court.

Kim’s sisters did express some doubts about the wedding before it took place, but so far there has been no sign of any blame. They have rallied around their sister, supporting her and speaking out on Twitter against people ‘hating’.

Financially, their wedding will always be seen a success. Suggested figures claim that Kim made $15 million for her 2-part wedding special on E!, $3 million for wedding photographs, and $100,000 for photographs on their holiday to Mexico.

Now she is single, Kim is likely to make even more money – she can sell her story, and more people are likely to tune into her show to see what happens next. She is also likely to charge more for her next few public appearances – as a single woman.

Her Twitter traffic is likely to climb, meaning she can charge more to promote products and services, and photographs of her back on the dating scene will be worth plenty to the waiting media!

Some have speculated that the divorce is likely to hurt her reputation, but celebrity experts claim that this is not the case – people will feel sorry for her, and empathize with her – and it’s certain that her PR will make sure she looks good.

Kim flew to Australia yesterday after filing for divorce, and was met by a huge group of paparazzi trying to ask questions and get photographs of the newly single star. She seemed glum as she boarded the plane, and many noticed that she wasn’t wearing her ring. Some have questioned her destination, as it is the home town of her ex boyfriend…but the official line is that Kim is taking some time out between filming series for E!

Do you think this was all a sham? It certainly doesn’t seem to be calming down…

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