Kim Kardashian Wigs Out Over Kris Humphries Divorce Stress

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On KUWTK, Kim Kardashian sounds off about being upset regarding the twists and turns that her final split from Kris Humphries is taking. She wants the hassle of the divorce to her husband of 72 days over and done with.

So, she turns to her sister Khloe for solace and gets back a recommendation to try to live her privileged life in an upbeat way. She wants her to do what she can to appreciate what is happening now. She tells Kim to enjoy herself and to not waste time getting bogged down waiting and worrying about the finality of this split.

So Kim takes Khloe literally and goes to town—to buy some wigs.

She buys all colors while out with her friend Malika, making decisions based on characters she plans to play while putting her own persona aside for a while.

One wig for her character called Natasha the Spy is red, and Kimmy K wears that particular disguise around her little toddler nephew, Mason, who doesn’t know what’s going on and so he gets scared.

She wears another one while rocking a Southern accent around her brother, Rob, who meets her at a bookstore so the two can go house hunting together. He tells his sister to take the thing off and be normal.

Another time, Kim puts on short black wig and goes to dinner with Kylie and Kendall. The two teens get freaked out because Kardashian has suddenly (and brilliantly, actually) turned into their mother, Kris Jenner. The younger girls are not into this.

Then, Kim shows up at her mom’s house wearing a blonde wig, this time putting on airs and saying she is Britney (as in Spears?). Nobody really gets what this Kardashian is doing but then when a stressed out Kris Jenner tries on the wig herself, she has a good time and understands the whole concept of stepping out of your harried life and into a fictional one that doesn’t bring so much drama.

Ironic, isn’t that?

And so, with all that said about changing up her look, what do you think of Kim Kardashian as she wigs out on the special Memorial Day episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Do you like her regular hair or are you more fond of some of her disguises? Did you think she looked just like her mom in the short black wig? Thoughts? Thanks.

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