Kim Kardashian’s 15-year-old Sister, Kendall, is on Birth Control

Kim Kardashian’s 15-year-old sister, Kendall, is on birth control and surprise, surprise papa Bruce Jenner is very upset. However, that’s not the case with Kendall’s mother, Kris.

In the mini video clip, momager Kris sends her ever faithful lapdog of a husband Bruce to the pharmacy to fetch their prescriptions. When he returns, Jenner is rather upset because one of the prescriptions he was giving was birth control pills for his 15-year-old daughter, Kendall.

Bruce tries to put his foot down and get answers but as usual, he doesn’t have the balls to really put up a fight. It must be because his face is so stretched that it’s hard to concentrate for long. Kris nonchalantly tells him that Kendall needs birth control pills for the cramps she experiences when she’s having a period. Of course, poor ol’ beaten down Jenner takes the bit and then slinks away when Kris demands he gives his two youngest daughters the “sex talk.”

Geeze, it probably would be best for Bruce Jenner to talk to his girls about sex because look at how prim and proper Kim Kardashian and her other sisters are. Seriously, the worse thing would be if Kendall and Kylie got the “birds and bees” talk via giangator Khole!

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