Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump Isn’t Fake: Her Huge Breasts Prove She’s Pregnant

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Kim Kardashian has been accused of rocking a fake baby bump, which could be easily disproved by Kim showing off her stomach. However, she has two other body parts that could help her prove that she’s not faking her pregnancy.

Kim has been doing her best to hide her bulging belly while she waits for her bump to really pop, but there’s already plenty of proof that she’s definitely preggers—her bra size has reportedly gone from a 36D to a 36GG in just a couple of weeks. So her breasts are starting to match the size of her famous behind.

There are reports that Kanye West has banned Kim from posing nude on a magazine cover with her baby bump, which definitely would have silenced the conspiracy theorists claiming that her pregnancy is being faked. However, all Kim Kardashian needs to show the world that she’s definitely pregnant is a form-fitting, low-cut top.

Kim’s breasts have gotten so big that she’s using heat patches to deal with her horrible back pain, and according to the Belfast Telegraph, a source told Closer this about how her cup size will continue to increase:

“She’s having a specialist sports bra made and her doctor has warned she could even go up to a J-cup. It’s making her miserable.”

So if Kim’s breasts get that big, surely no one will claim that she’s faking being pregnant. But, then again, conspiracy theorists could argue that she’s gotten breast implants or is majorly stuffing her bra. It’s extremely silly, but some people think Kim is vain enough to pretend to be pregnant in order to save her body from the massive changes that come with pregnancy. It’s only a matter of time before a tabloid claims that it’s sniffed out the identity of her supposed secret surrogate.

Speaking of Kim being vain, surely she’ll want to show off her breasts if they get up to a J-cup. So she better start begging Kanye West to lift his nude photo ban ASAP if she wants to milk her new extreme curves for all they’re worth.

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