Kim Kardashian’s Clothing Collection Couldn’t Save Sears

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It appears that Sears’ last ditch effort to save the company by bringing on Kim Kardashian has failed horribly. The company decided to bring on the Kardashian sisters in hopes of getting the company to flourish again, but it seems that it was bad timing. Just as the Kardashian collection was complete and ready for sale, Kim’s divorce gave her a bad image in the press. And it seems many of her fans started questioning her personality and her brand.

Although Sears has reported that the Kardashian collection has “sold well,” one can’t help but question whether the collection would have sold beyond expectations if it wasn’t for her bad decision making and her public divorce in the media. It seems that Kim Kardashian and her sisters continue to be proud of their collection and market it on Facebook and Twitter whenever possible.

However, just because Kim Kardashian’s collection is in stores doesn’t mean people are buying it more for Christmas. In fact, although the collection itself is doing well, the presence of the collection in the store has not increased sales for Sears. Yikes! It seems that the Kardashians can’t save Sears from closing hundreds of stores across the nation.

What are the Kardashians to do? Well, for now, they keep expanding the product line.

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