Kim Kardashian’s Ex Kris Humphries Has Valentine’s Day Date?

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Kim Kardashian and her divorce from soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kris Humphries, may have cramped the romance of Valentine’s Day, but she did get her sweat on at the gym and even got into the spirit of the holiday by wearing a heart on her workout T-shirt. But while Kardashian worked on her fitness, Humphries may have been working on his game—and not on the basketball court. The NBA pro was seen grabbing dinner with a guy friend and two ladies on Tuesday night at New York City restaurant Serafina. (Even the name of the eatery sounds sultry!) So did Cupid’s favorite day bring him a bit of love via a double date? Maybe, but looks can be deceiving.

“Kris showed up to Serafina looking renewed and refreshed,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively. “He didn’t look like a broken man [anymore]. He walked in with confidence and in a genuinely good mood with a male friend and two female companions.” Indeed, Kris Humphries seems to be benefiting from a burst of boldness lately, not only excelling on the court, but also become more brave in his accusations and revelations about what he’s calling a fake wedding with Kim Kardashian. Perhaps he no longer feels like a pawn in the Kardashian game and that his threats to prove the marriage’s artificiality in a public showdown are self-empowering and are doing wonders for his confidence!

File:Kim Kardashian, 2011.jpgAs for that Valentine’s dinner date, the witness also said, “The happy foursome sat in the back terrace near a table of admiring female fans who couldn’t take their eyes off Kris. Kris seemed jovial and focused… He wore a New Jersey Nets T-shirt and jeans and looked completely relaxed.” Well, he’s certainly not shy to show off his current object of affection, basketball and the Nets, with some public love via that T-shirt, although something a bit more dressy would have been more appropriate on V-Day.

Nevertheless, if those “female fans” at the restaurant are any indication, the Hump may find himself quite the eligible bachelor after this divorce debacle is finally put to bed. And despite the apparent double date, looks were definitely deceiving this time, as all relationships were platonic. Kris Humphries’ rep later confirmed she was on said “date” along with his female assistant. Friendly, yes, but romantic, maybe not so much. Better luck next year?

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