Kim Kardashian’s Face on Cupcake?

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Think about this for a moment: Someone brings out dessert and on your plate is a cupcake with Kim Kardashian’s smiling face on it! One would then be faced with this quandary: Does Kim’s face look yummy enough to eat or is it freaky enough to make someone push it away and not take a bite.

Kim Kardashian backstage at The Heart Truths Red Dress Collection 2010According to Kim Kardashian, she would be flattered to have her face on dessert. Kim tweeted:

This is so cute! Thanks @antstucco27 Xo

With that Twitter post, she linked back to her blog and showed a picture of a pink cupcake with her face on it:

I was reading through my Twitter replies and found this one from antstucco27! She said her aunt made her these cupcakes for her birthday! You guys are the best!!

The question here is, aside from stalker-esque cupcakes, will this give Kim Kardashian the idea to have her face along with groom-to-be Kris Humphries plastered on treats at her wedding reception?

Photo: The Heart Truth, via Wikimedia Commons

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