Kim Kardashian’s Gun Causes Controversy

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Kim Kardashian’s newest fashion accessory looks dangerous – she recently posted a photo of a YSL gun on her Twitter account.

So did Kanye West buy Kim a gun as a gift so that she can protect herself? Or is it a lipstick gun like Lady Gaga’s weapon in her “Judas” music video?

Actually the answer is none of the above – the firearm is just a photo on an Yves Saint Laurent iPad cover.

However, Kimmy is obviously trying to revamp her image now that she’s dating Kanye – she’s actually been spotted dressing a little like her boyfriend, and rumor has it that he’s trying to get his girlfriend to get a little bit edgier with her fashion choices. So perhaps glorifying guns is just a part of her image makeover.

Unfortunately some Kim Kardashian “dolls” might think that the reality show star actually got a designer handgun after seeing her tweet. While carrying a gun might be perfectly legal, it’s a little bit scary to imagine armed Kardashian fans.

But Kanye West is a really big catch for Kim Kardashian, so she probably doesn’t mind causing a minor controversy to keep him. And it’s not like Kim would be the first female celeb to try to make guns stylish – Rihanna actually has a gun tattoo. So maybe Yeezy’s idea of making Kim edgier is to get her to emulate RiRi’s style. If Kim gets a few tats, stops wearing a bra, and starts wearing lots of dresses with extremely low necklines, then everyone will know where she’s getting her style inspiration from.

So what do you think – did Kanye have something to do with Kim’s gun tweet?

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