Kim Kardashian’s Message to Her Haters

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Kim Kardashian is definitely sensitive to all of the backlash she has received – and is still receiving – ever since she filed for divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. Kim was actually “shocked” by how critical people have been of her, sending her hate mail and petitioning for her family’s show to be taken off the air. Now, Kim is passing a message on to all of her haters, so pay attention – it’s called karma, baby.

Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Celebrating other peoples pain & misfortune will only bring bad things your way. Maybe don’t be too quick to judge &tear others apart -BM”

Of course, the comments Kim Kardashian received on this tweet were less than kind, for the most part. Infamous NICO replied: <s>”@</s>KimKardashian maybe if you werent such an attention whore people wouldnt be making fun of your misfortune”

Basically, Kim brought her misfortune upon herself and because she lives her life publicly, people have every right to judge her… but do they really? Will karma kick in eventually for all of those who have been critical of Kim’s misfortune? Perhaps, but probably only if they mistreat the people who are actually a part of their life. Kim Kardashian is not in most people’s lives, just on their television and computer screens.

Nice try, Kim, but you’ve brought the criticism upon yourself through your own public actions. Perhaps if you kept the important events in your life more private you would not have subjected yourself to all of this public backlash.

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