Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photo Shows Reality Star Cracking Eggs In The Buff!

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Kim Kardashian is bound to be embarrassed once more after a nude photo of the reality star hit the web today. The photo shows Kim cracking eggs for breakfast in the buff.

Apparently, someone got a hold of the photo and leaked it — either that or one of the Kardashian’s PR gurus advised Kim to leak it herself. That’s entirely plausible considering what reality TV’s first family will do for fame.

Showing off her bum and breasts — all while looking like a model — and cracking an egg high over the stove, the photo almost looks like it could have been from a photo shoot and not one taken by a boyfriend/husband/fling.

Do you think the photo is of Kim Kardashian? It does look a lot like her, however, she does have a “twin” named Georgia Salpa, who looks almost identical to the reality star. Could it be her in the photo?

Either way, the photo is out and someone will have to take credit for it at some point. Who do you think it will be?

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