Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Says ‘Get Serious’ About Weight Before Wedding

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Kim Kardashian has a goal! She wants to get down to a size two before her (probably August) wedding to Kris Humphries. That represents a two-size drop! Her trainer Tracy Anderson warns that she will have to focus, big-time, on diet and exercise to make that happen, as Hollywood Life reports.

The plan, it seems, is a really strict diet, with two-hour workouts, six days a week. Whoa! Does anyone see that happening? No, but sometimes brides get a little crazy. This is Kim Kardashian, after all. Do you suppose anyone ever had her fiancé call File:Kim Kardashian LF.JPGthe whole thing off, because she turned into such an overworked and underfed witch the last few weeks before the wedding? It could happen.

Actually, Anderson sounds more worried about things moving the other way for her client. “Sometimes, when you fall in love, you take a little time off from things that are part of your regular routine,” she says. “So she’s going to have to get serious for her wedding.”

“Kim would love to lose 15 pounds, but she’ll be happy with 10,” another source says. Did she ask Kris what he thinks? Wouldn’t he probably tell Kim to relax?

Meanwhile, aren’t you glad you aren’t the one fitting her wedding dress? Will she need a 2? A size 4? Maybe even a 6, if the stress gets her buying the street vendor hot dogs she loves? What about New York cheesecake? Or will Kim Kardashian spend July eating mostly lettuce, between training sessions? No doubt, everyone will hear. Stay tuned.

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