Kim Kardashian’s Vanity Shows in New Photo: She Can’t Get Enough of Herself?

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Kim Kardashian is one vain woman and she has a right to be. Kim’s beauty may be near the level of such greats as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly but her reputation will never win her the respect those women enjoyed. However, that doesn’t seem to bother Kimmy much because she has her pretty face (at least for now) and plenty of reflective surfaces to stare at herself in.

Kim Kardashian 8X10 Photo Hot! New! Buy Me! #22Photographers caught Kardashian staring up close at her own reflection in a tinted car window. The reality TV queen had just finished with her Laser Away appointment. Don’t be fooled by the clinics name though because they offer more than just laser hair removal sessions. Apparently Kardashian could choose from “cosmetic treatments like Botox, cellulite reduction, and dermal fillers.”

What’s a reality TV star suppose to do to keep her looks as real and youthful as possible? A little bit of everything. Kim Kardashian isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her body even in awkward shots (sextape!). Once, Kardashian even allowed cameras to follow her while she had cellulite reduction done on her thighs. Chances are that’s what she was going in for again since she’s already touting her swimwear line. She HAS to keep herself looking as good as those A-list stars she loves so much!

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