Kim Kardashian’s Wise Advice to Her Followers

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Kim Kardashian offered a bit of useful advice to her Twitter followers last night before signing off of her account for the evening.

Okay, so some of you are probably thinking, ‘What on Earth could Kim have to say that could possibly be useful to me?’ Well, whatever you may think of Kim, love her or hate her, this advice is pretty darn good—wise, even.

Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Good night! say your prayers! Set your daily tasks and goals before bed so that can start your day organized & productive (sic)”

No matter what your opinions are of the Kardashians, Kim is a very hard worker, although it is debatable whether what she does should really be considered work. Kim Kardashian keeps a busier schedule than most people could imagine, doing photo shoots and interviews, filming her television shows, promoting her clothing lines, jewelry lines, shoes, perfume, and keeping up with her fans. Whether or not you consider that to be your definition of work, doing all of those things takes a lot of dedication. Sure, maybe Kim is dedicated to making money, but to do so, she does need to be organized and keep a very specific schedule. Most people would never wish that kind of workload on themselves.

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