Kim Richards Displays Odd Behavior At Paris Hilton’s Birthday — Did She Relapse?

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Kim Richards went to rehab last December after several years of alcohol abuse and possibly drug abuse as well. However, she claims to have been sober since; but unfortunately, some fans aren’t buying it — especially after she seemed to be off the wagon in Paris. When she arrived home from her trip, she claimed that she had just accidentally taken one of her old pills that she was using pre-sobriety. It sounded fishy and now, new reports claim that she still might be struggling now.

“She arrived at Paris’ birthday party at Harrah’s Peek nightclub in Lake Tahoe looking loopy, with a very unnatural smile plastered across her face,” an eyewitness tells Star Magazine. “She was gyrating with a shirtless go-go dancer, stuffing dollars in his pants and dancing wildly on stage. It was inappropriate at a family event!” It’s sad to even think that Kim may have let herself slip but there have been a few red flags on the way–a big one being her opting for plastic surgery just months into sobriety. Any addiction expert would tell someone in recovery not to do it because of the pain medication necessary to recover, but Kim did it anyway. Since then, she hasn’t seemed the same — at least not on the show.

“You could tell Paris was embarrassed,” the partygoer reveals. “Kim acted like she was on something. No one saw her drinking, but a sober person just doesn’t behave that way.” It sounds like it is very possible that Kim may be struggling with her addiction once again and even taking some sort of pain medication. It all started with the surgery and since no one is seeing alcohol, if she’s on something, it would likely be that.

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