Kim Zolciak is a Worried Mother, Can’t Sleep With Daughter Out of the Home

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak may be close to her due date, but she still worries about her oldest daughter as if she was younger. Although Kim has been off the air for a while, she still shares what is going on in her life with her devoted Twitter followers. Last night, Brielle went out with some friends and she wasn’t home when the very pregnant Kim went to bed. And since she is a worried mother, she couldn’t sleep until Brielle walked in the door, locked the locks and crawled into bed.

“I’m soooo sleepy but u know my a** can’t fall asleep until (Brielle) is home and in the house! #hurryhome :),” The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak tweeted last night as she lay in bed. However, Brielle isn’t the only reason why Kim isn’t getting much sleep these days. Of course, KJ is up early and ready to play, but it is her current pregnancy that is causing this Georgia peach to lose beauty sleep.

“Didn’t sleep good last night! Trying to get comfortable with this belly at times is a NO GO,” she tweeted this morning. It sounds like Kim isn’t getting much love from her children these days in terms of sleep. And she can count on losing even more sleep once the little one arrives. Do you think Kim is in over the head with four children or do you think she can make it work with her assistants and nannies?

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