Kim Zolciak’s Ex-Boyfriend Big Poppa Arrested

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Kim Zolciak hit the scene on Real Housewives of Atlanta with a boyfriend she referred to as Big Poppa. Although he refused to be shown on camera because he was married at the time, it was later revealed that he was real estate developer Lee Najjar. While Zolciak has moved on from her sugar daddy, he isn’t out of the public eye and his recent arrest has been splashed all over the web.

According to TMZ, Najjar was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 6. “Najjar had a bench warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court to face allegations he failed to maintain a storm water system at one of his properties.”

Najjar was already charged with a $75,000 fine for violating the ordinance but failed to attend a court date which was set for July 5. Seems like a silly thing to do, especially for someone as wealthy as he is. Why would anyone want to skip out on court? It’s only going to make thing worse in the long run.

Najjar has been released from custody. No word on when he is due in court. Hopefully, Najjar will take his properties more seriously and not be neglectful. If he wants to stay successful at what he does, he needs to take his responsibilities more seriously.

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