Kimberly Hooley gets drunk on the job

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Kimberly Hooley, a charming woman in her fifties, likes to get drunk while on the job. Too bad her job is driving the school bus for students who attend Windham Middle School. This, naturally, got parents in a bit of a fuss.

Sources report that Kimberly Hooley held her job as a Windham Middle School bus driver for a little over a year, and it’s reported that she’s had no other offenses like this. Still, it’s sickening to think that this person didn’t care that she held the lives of several children in her intoxicated hands. While drunk, the bus driver hit a mail box, damaging the bus and obviously destroying the mailbox. No students were harmed, this time; but this could’ve been prevented. Kimberly Hooley could’ve just not come into work that day. She could’ve gracefully behaved as an adult and taken the penalty for calling in on short notice. She could’ve said she was sick.

Instead of considering the safety of the children and the solidarity of her position as a school district bus driver, Kimberly Hooley decided to basically joy ride the school bus while drunk. There were an estimated 40 students on the bus, and some of them were “shaken up” by the incident. No doubt they were terrified of being at the mercy of a drunk school bus driver. Could you imagine being on that bus?

One thing is for sure, Kimberly Hooley has some issues; whether they’re alcohol issues or decision making problems, and she probably won’t be working as a public bus driver or school bus driver again anytime soon.


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