Kimberly Riggs Killed by Daughter During Driving Lesson

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Forty-year-old Kimberly Riggs was struck twice by a car driven by her 15-year-old daughter, leaving her dead. This is a bizarre story that is believed to had been an accident, but it just doesn’t have a definite feeling of an accident surrounding it. If so, it’s doubtful that the girl responsible for killing her mother will ever drive again out of the sheer guilt of what happened.

Woman Killed During Driving Lesson

Kimberly Riggs was hit not once, but twice, by her daughter. In a church parking lot, Riggs was standing outside of the car with the door open. The car “suddenly lurched” forward, knocking her down. She got up and attempted to chase the vehicle as the teen spun out of the parking lot, driving through a fence and into the backyard of a home in the area. Witnesses say the car whipped around and then struck Riggs a second time, pinning her between the vehicle and a second fence. She died later from her injuries at a nearby hospital. On the other hand, the 15-year-old was only treated for minor scrapes.

“She understands what has happened, but at this time we’re just trying to be with her, give her comfort as a church and as her family as well, to let her know we’re here supporting her through all this,” said the church’s pastor about the daughter.

It’s curious as to how this all happened. If she was this grossly incompetent at operating a vehicle, the mother should not have been out of the car during the lesson. One would think that the mother would have taught the teen the differences between the brake and accelerator before getting out of the vehicle while she drove. If so, maybe a really good investigator should have some time with this teen drive to determine whether or not this was truly an accident. If it was, then this is just a tragic example of poor supervision during teen-parent driving lessons.

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