Kindergarten Blues

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Haley will be five years old in just under two weeks.  Last week I took her to her school and registered her for kindergarten.  She'll start in August.  She's thrilled to death.  She's been anticipating her school days since she was only two years old if you can believe it.  I, however, am devastated.  My little girl growing up.  She'll head to school and make friends, and I will no longer be very important to her.  For now her life pretty much consists of me and her brother, Parker, every day, all day.  We have so much fun, and they like me.  She'll learn new things at school, not all of them good, I know.  It's all just pretty heart-wrenching to me.  I was in tears all night at the thought, only when she wasn't around of course; I don't want her to know how saddened I am by it all.  At the end of the day I sat down and wrote this really crappy poem about how it all made me feel. 


Kindergarten Blues
16 April 2008

Time goes so swiftly by
Makes me want to sit and cry
All the joys I've had along the way
bringing me to this very day

I remember when she was so small
Now I find she's grown so tall
All the times she'd cry for me
Now the day approaches when she'll say "let me be"

What will I do when she doesn't need me?
Who will I be when I'm no longer "Mommy"?


Haley and Parker standing in front of Haley's school after registration.  One day, if we still live here then, it will be Parker's school too.  Sigh.

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