Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device Sales Reviews – Amazon e-Reader a Top Holiday Gift for 2010?

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The Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device sales numbers and customer reviews seem to be indicating that e-reader technology is becoming the wave of the future, and a hit for the holidays. The Kindle 3G Wireless Device, which is produced by Amazon, is considered smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessors, making one wonder if it is the top holiday gift to give for 2010. Maybe the Apple iPad and Nintendo Wii need to make room for Kindle under the Christmas tree!

According to Amazon’s Kindle 3G page, their Kindle device has been the #1 bestselling item for two years running at the internet retail site. They also credit it as being “the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.” The Kindle 3G reading device comes with a new E Ink Pearl Technology and improved contrast display for better reading on the go. Even in bright sunlight the item is easy to read.

The advantages to owning the Kindle are quite clear. It’s a great alternative to buying paper books and saves trees in a way. The Kindle can hold up to 3,500 documents and allows the reader to read to up for a month without re-charging. Free 3G Wireless is a definite advantage to owning this device just for browing the internet or downloading content to read. The Amazon Kindle store offers hundreds of thousands of books, and New York Bestseller titles starting at $9.99. Not only can you read books, but also magazine, news print, PDF’s and your own personal content.

Kindle has its competition, but Jeff Bezos and Amazon seem to have carved out a niche in the e-reader market. A recent article from notes that Amazon is claiming to have sold millions of its third-generation e-reader since the latest quarter began. They also note that three years ago it seemed as if traditional book readers were less likely to embrace the technology and the price tag ot $399. Now with Kindles priced under $200 and also selling in real world Target stores, it seems their is plenty of momentum in sales of the device. It’s likely many book fans will find these under the Christmas tree in under two weeks time, meaning a nice boost to the business of As of this article, Amazon’s stock price sits at $175.57. Will Jeff Bezos’ company soon be moving towards Apple territory in terms of its price?

What do you think of the e-reader technology, good or bad? Do you own a Kindle, or still prefer reading good old fashioned books?

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