Kindle Fire 2 HD User’s Guide and Apps Books Top Sellers at Amazon for Holidays

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With the Kindle Fire 2 HD among the hottest items for the upcoming holiday shopping season, it’s no doubt that ebooks to help users with their new gadget are also hot sellers. Right now, several books on apps, as well as user’s guides for the KFHD tablet rank among Amazon’s bestsellers on the website for handheld and mobile devices books.

Product DetailsAmong the top Kindle Fire books in the category are a Best 100 Kindle Fire HD Apps ebook for just 99 cents, and a Kindle Fire HD User’s Guidefor $2.99 (pictured). There are other guides for the brand new tablet device listed, which seems to indicate this is one of this holiday season’s top gift items. In fact of the top 10 for best sellers in Handheld & Mobile devices ebooks, Kindle Fire dominates the list, with the iPhone 5 also grabbing a couple spots. Amazon released its tablet at just the right time and price to possibly grab a large share of the tablet marketplace this season, and with the availability of low-priced ebooks, it seems their content sales will drive up their overall business.

Long gone are the days when people had to rush out to the local bookstore to get themselves a “how to manual” or those “Dummies” books. Now everything can be instantly downloaded and transferred whether it’s music, movies, TV shows, or ebooks. Not only that, but for $2.99 an ebook (or free lending with Amazon Prime membership), it seems a no-brainer that people wanting more info on how to use their Kindle and upgrade it with apps would get ebooks on their tablet.

There’s been reports that the Kindle Fire HD is going to outsell Apple’s iPad mini by a 2 to 1 ratio, and it seems just based on these bestselling books that may be the case. Then again, don’t be surprised if iPad mini ebooks begin to pop up on Amazon’s bestsellers lists as well.

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