Kindle Fire 2 Release Date: Review Calls Amazon’s New HD Tablet a ‘Big Improvement’

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Now that the Kindle Fire 2 release date officially arrived on Friday, September 14, the new Fire HD tablet reviews continue to arrive. One website is calling Amazon’s new device a “big improvement” over the previous edition, especially for content consumption. So does that make it the one to buy?

Other Kindle Fire HD reviews have looked at various issues ranging from lack of microphone support to the need for external add-ons such as a mni-keyboard. For the most part, many sites have praised the item, but many are also saying that calling it “the best tablet at any price” is a bit too much. Still, it’s important to note the item’s merits and flaws for those who might be interested in picking one up.

A recent review from Tech Hive says of the Fire that “it delivers a strong, value-priced experience that’s optimized for consuming stuff from Amazon.” However, they also note that Amazon has set this tablet up in a way that helps them sell more stuff, and it may “appeal less to experienced tablet users.” Instead, they believe it’s better for those looking for the ability to consume multimedia such as movies, television shows, books and music.

What Amazon has done, according to Tech Hive, is deliver a tablet that is 28% smaller than the current iPad, and about 60% of its price. That is definitely music to the ears of parents or consumers who don’t want to spend $500 or $600 to get a basic tablet. Of course, that may be the caveat, that the Kindle Fire is a “basic tablet.” It stands out, however, in terms of its display, light weight, and new design. However, that new design also offers some of its shortcomings, including the hard to find power and volume rocker buttons, as well as a small gap around the edge of the device which seems to catch a lot of dirt and crumbs.

Other drawbacks in the new review include a slight lag in terms of loading up cloud content or web pages. The reviewer at Tech Hive also preferred the color scheme on the Google Nexus 7 to that of the new Fire HD, but says that the price difference may make it an easier choice for those who want to consume content and do it on a nice looking display. It was also noted in Tech Hive’s tests that the Nexus 7 outperformed the Kindle Fire HD in terms of battery life as the Fire HD lasted 8 hours and 41 minutes versus the Nexus lasting 30 minutes longer.

Other upgrades the reviewer liked with Amazon’s new tablet include the new Dolby Digital sound, which brought movies to life in a new way, and actually displayed the best sound of any tablet the reviewer has used. The new operating system was also praised for being more streamlined and clean than its previous edition. It’s also noted that Amazon integrates its shopping experience quite well on the tablet, storing cloud content easily for later use.

Overall, the reviewer gave the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD a 3.5 score out of 5. They noted that you might want to look for a different Android-based tablet if you are reliant upon the apps from Google Play since Amazon’s app store is limited right now. However they said “the Kindle Fire HD is a reasonable way to test the tablet waters, while getting a color e-reader to boot.”

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