Kindle Fire 2 Release Date Rumors: Is New Amazon Tablet Also a Smartphone?

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As Kindle Fire 2 release date rumors continue piling up ahead of an anticipated 2012 unveiling of the product by Amazon, the latest speculation comes about what this device might be. While it’s expected to be a tablet PC, some are questioning if it may really be a small tablet computer capable of making and receiving voice phone calls.

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-FiWebsite Pop Herald reports the news regarding Market Watch analyst Shing Yin. On Friday he suggested the Amazon company is preparing a smartphone, rather than just a tablet as many are anticipating. The device is being compared to something like the Galaxy Note, which is also a rather large gadget capable of making or receiving calls via apps or or VOIP services.

Yin also commented on Friday:

“Even though this device would look, feel, and act like a smartphone, one could hardly call it a phone if it doesn’t have voice and text capability. Looking at the other entries in their service plan price list, one must conclude that this device most resembles a tablet. Who says a tablet has to be a certain size?”

Hopefully Amazon isn’t trying to do too much with their new product, because that could always backfire with tons of glitching and issues being attached to the second version of their tablet. Currently, their Kindle Fire is still in its first generation stage, and that has met some tough criticism from analysts and owners.

The Kindle Fire 2 release date gossip continues to speculate this new tablet is coming from Amazon before the end of 2012. The company will have the already mounting competition of the Google Nexus 7 and any new iPad models to contend with. However, if Amazon is taking this long to unveil a product they may be really adding some top notch features, specs and capabilities to put this product into the upper echelon of tablets.

Are you awaiting the reveal of the new Kindle Fire 2? Do you plan to buy one, or are you waiting for the new iPad lineup to be revealed?

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