Kindle Fire HD: Free Ebooks on Health at Amazon for Black Friday 2012

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With the popularity of Kindle Fire HD, at least one author is offering a couple free ebooks on the topic of health as a Black Friday gift. Grace Masters has her two books, one about running and one about healthy eating both as free downloads at Amazon for the big shopping day.

Product DetailsAccording to Buyer’s Review Source, one of the ebooks (pictured) covers diet and weight loss tips. The holidays are notorious for being tough on the “battle of the bulge” for many individuals, and some need that extra motivation to make sure they can win the war. Masters’ book covers topics such as building confidence, and vitality while finding healthy ways to lose weight. It also gives tools for eating out in a wiser manner, to avoid those extras that pack on the calories, fat, sugar and sodium. A book like this certainly sounds like a great freebie for those looking to get started on a diet and/or workout routine.

The other book that is being offered free by Masters on Friday discusses how busy women can get started running. There are many women out there who have their hands and schedules full with family, jobs, and other activities. In Masters’ book, she lays out how to fit a running program into that hectic schedule, with additional coverage of topics like what to wear, how to diet, and what music to use while running. For free, this is another good one for those looking to jumpstart their health ahead of the new year.

Amazon has numerous free Kindle books offered on a daily basis, and these are just two of many. However, adding these to a Kindle Fire HD or any of Amazon’s eReader devices could be a life-changing decision, as health is such an important daily aspect of everyone’s life.

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