Kindle Fire HD Tablets to Get Free Time Unlimited Content Added by Amazon Soon

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The Kindle Fire HD and regular Amazon tablets got a major upgrade in terms of the Free Time app today. Amazon announced a new Free Time Unlimited subscription service, giving loads of content to children for the handheld devices. Will this new service help push Amazon’s product above the competition, and is the price worth it for parents?

Product DetailsAccording to, the new additional content will be added on to the already-free Kindle Free Time app. However, Free Time Unlimited will be subscription-based (not free) and will offer a variety of quality content for kids ages 3 to 8 years old. Amazon is going to pre-screen all the content to make sure it is kid-friendly, too. Among the publishers said to be providing the content are DC Comics, Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, PBS, and the Sesame Workshop. “Reading Rainbow” will be available as well, with 25 episodes of video content part of the service.

So what’s it all cost? For those who are Amazon Prime members, it will be $3 a child, or $7 for an entire family. Those who aren’t Prime members will pay $5 per child, or $10 for a whole family. This sounds like a great deal, and as noted in Wired’s article, it could also be a saving grace in that it would prevent downloading of “bad content” by kids on the tablets. It also is very likely to boost Amazon’s content sales even more, adding to the millions of videos rented, and songs, ebooks, apps, and games purchased on the popular devices.

For those wondering when this new add-on content gets going, it’s scheduled to be included in an update to the Kindle Fire and HD tablets in the coming weeks. For many parents, it probably can’t happen soon enough, as it will make the device something to bring on long trips in the car or on a plane, and will generally help keeps occupied in a educational and “kid-friendly” way.

What do you think of Amazon’s big announcement about the new add on content for Kindle Free Time? Will you be spending the extra money to get the subscription service?

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