Kindle Fire HD Tablets to Get Voice & Touch Accessibility Controls from Amazon

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Kindle Fire HD and non-HD tablets are set to get newly-updated accessibility controls from Amazon. These will include voice and touch access to help those who are visually-impaired. With the new features, the company will look to further position itself as a customer-friendly tablet manufacturer.

Product DetailsAccording to a report from, Amazon will be giving “Voice Guide” and “Explore by Touch” to the original Fire and the new HD versions of the tablets. These tools will allow vision-impaired owners of the tablets to read books in an easier manner. The accessibility controls will also help those with learning disabilities improve on their current reading skills.

Voice Guide will reportedly read menus out loud and also read out actions that are taking place on the tablet. The technology has been adapted from Ivona, a text-to-speech software provider. As for Explore by Touch, that will be an additional way to navigate the tablet display for those who are vision-impaired. When a user swipes a finger across an item, it will be read out loud. By tapping on that particular item a second time, the default action will be performed.

ZDNet comments that these features could help “further distinguish Amazon in both the tablet and e-reader spaces.” It seems the company is really looking to position itself as one looking to address customer needs with their technology. They just recently announced the new subscription-based Free Time service as well, which will allow parents to give their kids loads of appropriate content they can use on the tablet.

Overall, the devices, priced as low as $159 for the non-HD, and as low as $199 for the Kindle Fire HD 16GB version, have been hot sellers this holiday season. Amazon already reported they did double the volume of sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday this year, compared to this year. Now with all the new technologies they’re harnessing, they will look to build a loyal fan base who continues to buy their upgraded tablets and services in the future.

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