Kindle Paperwhite User Manual eBook Free at Amazon

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A new Kindle Paperwhite user manual ebook is being offered free at the website. The new book helps Kindle E-reader owners to better understand their device, as it is currently one of the most popular electronics items on the Amazon site, right behind the Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Product DetailsThe free guide book (pictured) is by bestselling Kindle ebook author Shelby Johnson. Inside the new 60-page guide, Shelby gives insight into how users can use and care for their E-readers. Included are how-to’s with screenshots, specifics on navigating the device, where to get free ebooks and more. The guide seems to be one of the most comprehensive user manuals available for the device, which generally doesn’t come with easy instructions.

The Technewsaurus website reports that Shelby’s new Kindle Paperwhite ebook is free only on Saturday, February 2nd. It joins many other free ebooks listed at the Amazon site on a daily basis. It appears that the ebook has a normal retail price of $2.99 beyond the free promotion.

The Paperwhite is the newest innovation in e-Reader devices from Amazon, featuring a comfortable backlit display. Reviews for the device have been geneally favorable. It currently ranks as the #2 bestseller in electronics on the site, along with all the other Kindle family members, such as the Fire HD tablets, other Paperwhites, and the E-Ink reader. It seems Amazon’s family of products continues to grow, as does its family of loyal buyers. It won’t be surprising if real books start to vanish more and more as the future arrives!

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