King Movie Trilogy Under Ron Howard Has Renewed Life

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Alright Stephen King fans! An exciting announcement was made earlier this week about the King of Horror himself and one of his best known and well loved book series – “The Dark Tower” Trilogy. Looks like an all-new movie trilogy will be made based on the popular novels. There are exactly seven novels in the series right now, with King announcing an eighth Dark Tower book to be released last year. No word on when that will hit.

NBC and Universal are bringing both a feature film and a television series based off the series with Ron Howard taking charge of the project as director for the film. The film and the first season of the series is set to be written by Akiva Goldsman. He will also executive produce as well.

This project appears to be an epic undertaking. The series and the films will be directly connected. The second season of the series will be a bridge between the first movie and the second film in the trilogy. An epic project for an epic series of novels? The story, a Western fantasy, is far encompassing and crosses through much of King’s other works as characters and elements of the “The Dark Tower” pop up time and time again. Is this too much of an undertaking? Is NBC and their partner biting off more than they can chew?

J.J. Abrams, the man behind “Lost” from ABC, tried to bring “The Dark Tower” to the screen himself for several years, but he finally threw his hands in the air and gave up on the project last year. Will Ron Howard and the others involved end up doing the same? Will you tune in and watch “The Dark Tower” series when it hits?

No word on a release date for the films or television series have been released. Both projects will use the same cast and sets. The television series will quickly follow after the film however. Could this be something for 2011 or will fans have some time to wait for this to come to fruition? For the latest in entertainment news, go here.

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