King of the Halfpipe: Shaun White Olympics 2010 [video]

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It was clear at yesterdays Halfpipe Olympic 2010 event the Shaun White is the King.  After securing his Gold Medal White had one more run to do–he already won Gold so what did the stellar athlete do for is victory lap?  Shaun White awed the audience with nothing short of epic performance bring out his famous Double McTwist 1260, now being called the Tomahawk.  “I wanted a victory lap that would be remembered,” White said. “I achieved that.”

Shaun White definitely achieved that, he was and will be remembered as one of the greatest in his sport.  On his final run he scored a 48.4, but he had already scored Gold with his previous score of 46.8, putting him way above everyone else.  He debated with his coaches about what he should do on his last run–he asked if he should just snowboard down the middle, to my, and everyone else amazement his coach told him not to do that; to go big, give the crowd the show that they came to see.  Shaun White did, at the Olympics 2010 no less.

Yesterday was a great day for Shaun White, but also for Americans.  Lindsey Vonn and Shani Davis both won Gold in their favored events.  Despite Linsey’s hurt shin, which she clearly favored her other leg when skiing down the mountain, she won her first Gold in the women’s downhill.  Shani Davis became the first speed skater to win back-to-back Gold medals in the men’s 1000m.  Davis wound up with six medals overall.  To add to the U.S. Olympic medal count Scotty Lago wins Bronze in the men’s halfpipe event.

Watch White’s victory run now!

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