King of the Weeds

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I woke up one morning and was twenty feet tall 

Though I was a giant weed, I sheltered them all 

Cared about friends with my head in the clouds 

I loved all of them since the time that I was small 


One day a great wind was headed toward our place 

I knew I couldn’t brace myself, I would be a goner 

My head you know is simply a great big ball of seeds 

It was sure to make me naked without any honor 


The wind blew hard upon me, yet I remained there still 

Hard as it tried, it couldn’t bring this good man down 

Our wind got mad and whipped itself into a frenzy 

Gale force winds couldn’t bring me to the ground 


But then today the strangest thing of all had occurred 

A little girl came walking up a path that led to me 

When her tiny breath blew, away my seeds did fly 

Standing in my nakedness, but somehow I felt free 


Author Notes


Just a bit of fun to poke at a flower, or should I call it a weed?




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