Kirstie Alley Holds on to Size 6 Fib

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Kirstie Alley chatted with Jay Leno Friday night, and, when asked about her weight, she told him that she was a size six. While everyone will agree that the actress looks amazing, it is more than obvious that she isn’t a size six. This topic of discussion keeps creeping up and it’s making some people wonder why Alley is fibbing about her size.

“I just know thKirstie Alley 1994at I bought these dresses, and they were sort of cute, they were a tiny bit stretchy…stretchy…so I bought them in a 12 to a 4 and now I wear the 6. Stretchy,” she said to Leno, emphasizing the word stretchy a couple of times.

No one is denying that Alley really transformed her body. However, a size six is what Jessica Simpson claimed to be (at her “heaviest”) and you will likely agree that Alley just isn’t there yet. Unless the dresses that she bought stretch to fit double what the label reads, it’s hard to understand why Alley holds her size six figure true. She looked like a six back in her Look Who’s Talking days and she certainly isn’t back there yet.

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