Kirstie Alley–Is Unhealthy Habit Part of Weight Loss Success?

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Kirstie Alley was runner-up on this past season of Dancing With the Stars, and the exercise of dance rehearsals helped her to lose an amazing 90 pounds. Now she’s looking healthy and even toned, but does an unhealthy habit of hers play into her weight loss success?

According to a report from, Kirstie was recently spotted–looking absolutely amazing. She was slim, trim, and sexy–but she was also smoking a cigarette. Has she made cigarette smoking part of her weight loss routine? Many smokers swear that cigarettes help keep the pounds at bay–but Kirstie, it’s so unhealthy!

This would be incredibly disappointing to true Kirstie Alley fans, who love her new look, but first and foremost want her to be healthy. Has she traded her vice of overeating for smoking instead? Both are incredibly unhealthy, but the smoking can likely do more long-lasting damage.

How does smoking fit in with the weight loss product Kirstie Alley created? Organic Liaison is the first organic weight loss product to be certified by the USDA. Do they support smoking, too? That doesn’t seem too likely.

Hopefully Kirstie Alley will soon find out that her fans love her and want to see her live a long and healthy life, and that smoking simply isn’t a part of that.

Do you think she’s on the brink of resuming her unhealthy eating practices, and so has taken up smoking as a way to hold that old vice at bay?

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