Kirstie Alley Loses 50 Pounds and Tweets About It

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Actress Kirstie Alley has lost 50 pounds. She tweeted about her incredible weight loss to her Twitter fans.

50 Pounds Lighter

According to CNN, Kirstie Alley tweeted, “I’ve lost over 50 pounds…and I’m having the time of my of my life.”

She then, in a quick addendum said, “30 more to go.”

Kirstie Alley is 59 years old, and in addition to being best known for her role on “Cheers” she has also been well known for gaining and shedding a lot of weight over the years.

She was once the spokesperson for the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, and was even known for her reality show called “Fat Actress.” This is quite an expanse of extremes, but is conducive to the life that Kirstie Alley has lived.

The New York Daily News reports that Alley’s struggles with weight were also chronicled on another reality show called “The Big Life.”

Organic Liaison

Now, it seems Alley feels like she has mastered her issues with weight, and she credits the loss to a program called Organic Liaison that cuts processed foods and chemicals from her daily consumption.

It would be wonderful to see Kirstie Alley’s weight struggles end. She is a beautiful woman and a talented actress who has struggled with her weight off and on for years. While rail thin is of little significance (or at least that’s how it should be) good health is important and some weight loss was needed for Alley to attain that goal.


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