Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Leads to Shopping Spree!

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In celebration of her weight loss, Kirstie Alley spent the big bucks on a new wardrobe. But after loosing a whopping 90 lbs., she damn well deserved it.

According to Star Magazine, the Dancing with the Stars contestant’s spending spree cost her over $25,000. But she’s only 60 years old once, so why not?! Kirstie Alley’s purchases included $10,000 from Barney’s, over $10,000 on accessories, and thousands on Christian Louboutin shoes. If she wasn’t already turning heads, Kirstie is about to give onlookers a serious case of whiplash, not to mention make them seriously jealous.

Rather than hate on her for her big spending, be happy for her. It’s actually out of character for Kirstie Alley to splurge so much. A source revealed, “She hasn’t shopped for designer clothes in years. She used to shop at Target for kaftans that could hide her body.” Well, one certainly can’t wear a tunic or kaftan when she looks this good in a summery peasant dress.

What do you think—is Kirstie Alley’s weight loss worth a big spending spree? Should dropping 90 lbs. lead to dropping $25,000?

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