Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Makes for Demanding Diva

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Kirstie Alley debuted her stunning weight loss this week. However, at a 9/11 tribute, she became a demanding diva, which does not sound good for the former Fat Actress. It is awesome that the former Dancing With The Stars contestant lost 100 pounds, but that type of behavior during such a solemn day is unbelievable.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Makes for Demanding DivaOrganizers of the 9/11 memorial event said, “Alley had a set of demands that she wanted met before she made the appearance, and she almost canceled the appearance because she couldn’t get a helicopter.” How shocking! Why would Kirstie Alley be such a diva for an event honoring the victims of September 11? Sure, she is 60 years old, and she just achieved a stunning weight loss, but this is too much.

Of course, reps for the star said that she did not make any demands and that she arrived at the event in an SUV. The rep said, “Kirstie was coming from Pennsylvania that morning and was simply exploring all options of transportation, from Amtrak to helicopter, in order to ensure she made it on time to respect those being remembered. At no point was a demand made. Also, she ended up taking an SUV, not a limo.”

As for herself, Kirstie Alley has not commented at all about the story because her big news has been her 100-pound weight loss. It is a good thing she had such a stunning début, or people would be much angrier over her diva behavior. Perhaps she was hungry.

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