Kirstie Alley Weight Loss – No ‘Fat Sex’

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Kirstie Alley is ready for a new love. The actress, 60, has lost 100 pounds, and she is getting back the confidence it takes to fall in love. “I didn’t like the way I looked, and I didn’t want to have fat sex,” she says in recent interview, and Daily Mail reports.

Much speculation is swirling right now, about how, exactly, Kirstie Alley lost all that weight. Were her methods healthy? Was bulimia involved? No reliable word yet. But the undeniable fact is—the weight is gone, and the former Fat Actress star is a new woman. “I have more energy,” she says, “that (sic) I’ve ever had in my whole life.’File:KirstieAlley1994.jpg

And this time around, she knows exactly what she wants in a relationship. “What I’m looking for is to be madly, deeply in love. For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want in a man. I want someone who has my back, who is courageous and brave.” Ok, Kirstie Alley—doesn’t everybody? But she is in a great position to find a new love—not to mention a few new job offers. The spotlight in on her.

Unfortunately, Kirstie has yo-yo dieted before, so it’s hard to predict what might come next. But Kirstie is sure. “I have my game back,” she says. Best of luck!

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