Kirstie Alley’s Bulimia: Truth behind 100-pound Weight Loss since March!

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Kirstie Alley’s bulimia allegations are causing quite the stir over the star’s Twitter account, and she vows to take her anger expressed on Twitter to court! Alley has been struggling with weight issues for many years, after the conclusion of “Cheers.”

After starting her dancing on “DWTS,” Alley vowed to lose weight for the show. After all, would you want to dance around on television in front of millions of viewers, while wearing an extra 100 pounds? It would be exhausting!

So, in March of 2011, Kirstie Alley set out to lose her extra weight. According to her, the weight came off by following “a new healthy diet and strict exercise regime.” Alley showed up to the New York Fashion Week looking stunningly slim in her new size 6 body, but the rumor mill started rolling.

But many people didn’t believe that Alley could lose a whopping 100 pounds in the past six months. Do you? Needless to say, the infamously insulting National Enquirer decided to post an insulting article, which promptly stated that Kirstie Alley had turned bulimic, and the magazine didn’t stop there. The Enquirer mentioned that she throws up after every meal.

And obviously, Alley was upset by these bulimia allegations, being she claims via the infamous Twitter confessions that she is not bulimic. Is Twitter the new psychologist?

Alley’s Twitter comments showed the world that the former “Cheers” star is fuming mad about the bulimia allegations and that she is not going to take more slander from the National Enquirer anymore.

Alley tweeted, “Soo.. heard that the Enquirer is running with a story that Im bulemic (sic)…lol..Jeez!!! ‘sources’ Jeez.. never hurled (threw up) a meal in my life..Jeez…!”

“Im Really commited (sic) (to her diet) and strong willed…If I was bulemic I can assure U I would be a size zero… I smell a big ole lawsuit.. do U?? …Enquirer, Im coming for u this time..get ready!!,” Alley continued to tweet away. Yes, she can’t spell to save her life, but she at least tries, people!

Kirstie Alley even tweeted about the seriousness of the bulimic condition. She typed, “Bulemmia (sic), is a serious sitiation (sic) not to be taken lightly.. it can cause death..this accusation is degrading 2 those who from suffer it (sic).”

The celebrity is right; bulimia is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. Do you think it is possible that Kirstie Alley lost her weight with the good ole fashioned diet and exercise? At least, she could be honest and admit she tried a medication or the HCG diet.

C’mon, inquiring minds want to know the truth! What do you think is the truth behind Alley’s slimmed-up figure?

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