Kirstie Alley’s New Diet Company Angers Jenny Craig

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“DWTS” star Kirstie Alley recently launched her own diet company, Organic Liaison, which has left the Jenny Craig diet empire fuming. Kirstie spent years as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, lost 75 pounds, and then, sources report, was fired for gaining the weight back. Isn’t that just how it goes? The Jenny Craig people are angry that she took their money, dumped their program, and now is starting up her own, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. They have a point.

Shortly after leaving her spokeswoman gig, Kirstie started plans to launch a rival outfit. And now, as a “Dancing with the Stars” celeb, and losing pounds by the week, sheFile:KirstieAlley1994.jpg is in position to get maximum publicity—especially if she can keep dancing a few more weeks. And why not? People love to watch her. Kirstie Alley is an actress and a comedienne, after all, and she knows how to play an audience. For sympathy, if nothing else. But she doesnÂ’t look like she has all the answers to weight problems. She looks frankly overweight, and even the strenuous exercise learning all those dance routines hasnÂ’t got her down to a normal figure. Is she on her own eating program or not?

Kirstie announces that her three step program has been developed by “the best scientific minds,” says her website. None are mentioned by name. Would that be scientists or Scientologists? Just checking, because there is a huge difference. But Kirstie Alley is clear that she has “lost 50 pounds.”  Would that be the same 50 pounds she credits to “DWTS”? Or some of the 75 pounds she lost on Jenny Craig? And what about the 50 pounds she has yet to lose? ItÂ’s all a bit too confusing for most people to risk money on. “ItÂ’s all about motivation and inspiration.” HasnÂ’t everyone heard that before?

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