Kirstie Alley’s Weight Loss on ‘DWTS’ – She’s now a size 6!

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If anyone had any doubt that Kirstie Alley would lose weight during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, they don’t any longer. Recent photos show she’s definitely slimmed down. And she looks fantastic! All those grueling rehearsals for the show are paying off, in a major way. She says she’s thrilled with her weight-loss progress. Who wouldn’t be?

According to reports, Kirstie Alley hasn’t been on a scale to check her progress in several weeks. Instead, she’s going by how her clothes fit. For those who’ve successfully lost weight, you know that you can often tell what you’ve lost by slipping on a pair of previously too-tight jeans. Remember jumping up and down with glee as you realized they fit? Alley says she’s down to wearing a size 6 dress! Bet she was doing the happy weight-loss dance, too.


Before the competition on DWTS even got underway, Kirstie Alley stated clearly that shedding pounds was part of her plan. And even though she’s obviously meeting that goal, she intends to keep losing, saying, “When IÂ’m a (size) two, IÂ’m done, people!”

Congratulations on your Dancing With the Stars and weight-loss success, Kirstie!

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