Kiseli Kupus – Soured Cabbage Heads

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Kiseli Kupus – Soured Cabbage Heads
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Yield: 1 batch

24 ea Cabbage heads tight & hard
3 1/2 c  Non-iodized salt
8 ea Garlic cloves sliced thinly
1 ea Horseradish root 7″ long peeled & chopped
3 ea Red peppers 1/4’d & seeded
15 ea Bay leaves
15 ea Red peppers whole & dry
1 ea Wood or plastic barrel or crock large

*NOTE:  If you do not have a large enough barrel or crock then your cabbage can be divided among smaller barrels or crocks.

Wash cabbage heads then remove any tough outer leaves.
Reserve tjhese trimmed leaves.
Core each cabbage head then fill with salt.
Place 1 layer of cabbage heads, core-side up into your barrel or crock.
Add some of the garlic slices, horseradish, red peppers both fresh & dry & bay leaves.
Place another layer of cabbage heads into your barrel athen another portion of vegetables.
Continue this until the crock is full.
Cover with reserved cabbage leaves.
Fill barrel with as much water as it will hold without overflowing.
Place a clean cotton or linen cloth on top of cabbage then a clean, untreated wooden board.
Weigh this covering down with a heavy item or stone to keep the cabbage heads from rising during fermentation process.
Store this barrel in a cool dark place that does not fall below freezing upon wooden skids to keep it off floor.
Cabbage will be ready in about 40-45 days.
Keep the brining water clean by skimming the foam off the surface with a slotted spoon or sieve after 10 days has passed.
Resultsant soured heads may be frozen oror canned.
Before using rinse the leaves.
Chop them for any recipe calling for sauerkraut.

*NOTE: Some people like to add beets to give cabbage a red color.

ORIGIN: Azra Morozivic, Zagreb-Croatia, circa 1998

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