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Banished from Eden man and woman must have felt jusifyably chastised. What with man having to till the soil to make two ends meet and woman having to suffer childbirth. They must have been in quite a daze and tempers would have certainly been frayed trying to figure out their course of action. They were stuck to each other for "better or worse" an undisputable reality for that twosome in the whole wide world then. And so significant that the reminder was never forgotton through the generations of man and is an intergral part of the vows that are exchanged while tying the fateful knot even today.

The banishment did give man and woman the opportunity to evaluate their companionship in a different light altogether and they figured out that ego clashes would only lead to alienation and anger and that couldn't be very healthy for them. So they worked out very endearing solutions to avoid eating humble pie and still be able to overcome their differences. It is very heartening that they were conducive to the idea of mutual agreement than being reticent and stubborn about their individual viewpoint.
"Kiss and make up", was one such original scheme that certainly can be looked upon as a brilliant idea, else humankind would still be in the wings waiting for their "parents" to sort out their ire at each other. It can also be safely assumed that they did say "Sorry" to each other later i.e. after they were done with the kissing and whatever else that may have led to.

Apologizing has become such a sign of weakness in current times – a sincere effort to patch up clash of opinions can be a pacifying and edifying step. Instead of entering the unnerving, destructive and distancing cycle of "hurt-anger-retaliation" that usually follows.

If we just pause awile take stock of our actions and look up to our earliest mentors some valuable lessons can be reviewed and applied in our own lives. Not that "Kiss and make up" is meant literally (if it happens so much the better) but a smile, a warm handshake, a dismounting from the high horse can make this world a much better place and encourage relationships of mutual respect and genuine concern for others we interact with. It is not the "BIG" gestures that make so much of an impression as those small gestures of affection and love that change the world of another.

 Wanna Kiss And Make Up?

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