KISS’ Gene Simmons Predicts 2012 Election

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KISS’ Gene Simmons isn’t shy about making political predictions. Simmons was one of the first to warn of the Democratic beat-down last year, and he’s now saying that Obama will be re-elected in 2012.

“The next president will still be Barack Obama because the Republicans don’t have an alternative, there is not one single personality that has any qualification or is likeable. I wish there were actually, because I like the president’s heart but I don’t think he has the qualification.”

That is not to say he likes the idea. Being the businessman he is, Simmons would prefer to have a “strong business-oriented mind” in charge, reports Fox News.

“Obama’s economic philosophy, in my estimation, has been a disaster. I’m against being told what to do with my insurance policy; I want the government out of my life… I don’t think they have a clue how to run the economy which is why America is now insolvent, we need some business men in power… but Barack is still going to be the next president.”

If there is one thing KISS’ Gene Simmons knows about, in addition to being a rock-and-roll God, it seems to be business. The KISS empire is vast, and 40 years later, the multi-million dollar merchandising enterprise shows no signs of slowing down. From mini-golf courses in Vegas, mini-coopers for BMW, and charity work for a laundry list of worthwhile organizations, the man knows a little something about success and making money in the business world.

Gene Simmons might be right on the money as far as the next presidential election goes. Unless the Republicans produce a viable candidate, the smart money will be on Obama, and the way things look right now, maybe the only way to change the outcome would be for Gene Simmons to throw his hat in. That would make some conservative tongues wag.

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