Kitty Fed To Python, Now Cat Drowned By Same Person

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First, she fed a kitten to a python on YouTube, now a cat drowned by a woman has hit the internet as well. The video appears to be by the same user, yet no one can track her down. She’s obviously a sick and twisted person.

The video, which is just as sickening and heartbreaking to watch, shows the cat drowned as it struggles for air in a bathtub. The woman apparently taped the terrified cat to the end of a broom handle and then lowered it into the water. Bubbles can be seen coming to the surface as the cat struggles for air, but the psychotic woman will not let the cat live. It eventually loses its battle and dies.

The woman named the video “Bathtime lol”. The latest sadistic video has been linked to a video posted last Christmas in which a man puts two kittens in a plastic bag and sucks out all the air with a vacuum cleaner, hence suffocating the innocent animals.

There is no doubt that this woman — and man from last Christmas — will continue to kill animals for fun until caught. You’d think that uploading the videos to YouTube would help police find the culprit, but so far they have been unable to locate her.

First, she shows a python having a kitten for dinner, then she shows a cat drowned, what will she show next? It’s terrifying to think about.

How many more animals have to die gruesome deaths before this woman is caught?

If you know anything about this, please contact authorities, or PETA, as there is a reward for information leading to the YouTube user jasminethecat666.

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